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Install Customer Provided Kitchen Faucet

$84.91 $80.19

Install your Kitchen Faucet

No Warranty on Customer Provided Fixtures

Any parts used will be an additional charge

Product Description

Do you want to source your own Faucet? If you have a particular style or finish you would like, we suggest you purchase one either on-line or at your local hardware, or plumbing supply shop. If you need help locating a good source feel free to give us a call. Here at D&B Plumbing Inc we are ready to help in any way we can.

A few things to keep in mind when buying your own faucet:

Kitchen Faucets are primarily classified by how many holes your existing Kitchen Sink has. Typical sinks have either 4, 3, or 1 hole. Generally your faucet will cover 3 holes, one in the center and a hole 4″ to the left and right of that one. If you have a 4 hole sink the 4th hole is generally used either for a pull-out spray, or a soap dispenser.

Once you have found the faucet you love. Give us a call or feel free to purchase the installation below. No more surprises in price, never an ambiguous trip charge.

Installation includes any necessary piping to connect customer supplied faucet to existing emergency shut-off valves.

Does not include any repairs of existing plumbing system including but not limited to: replacing leaking emergency shut-off valves, making drain repairs, installation of saddle valves, etc. If additional work is needed the costs will be discussed and written authorization will be obtained prior to any work beginning. If additional work is not approved, prior to work commencing, a full refund will be issued and there will be no charge.

Existing plumbing system must be in repairable order.


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