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Garbage Disposal Replacement

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Are you in need of garbage disposal replacement or looking to have one installed? We can help! We have some helpful tips and information below or you can call now at (813) 365-0340 for a FREE estimate!

About Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal grinds up waste in the drains of your sinks to prevent your plumbing system from clogging. Garbage disposals come in various horsepower models and styles. Ensuring that you select the right product for your own business or families needs is very important. Our friendly knowledgeable technicians at D&B Plumbing Inc can assist you in choosing the right product that will fit your needs.

Installed in many homes across the world, garbage disposals can save you time and money. They are also environmentally friendly. In most cases, solid food waste is about 70% water and therefore, should be disposed of properly and with care. A garbage disposal system tied into the community sewer system meets this objective. Contact us today if you are in need of garbage disposal replacement.

Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

Garbage disposal replacement and installation needs carpentry and electrical skills alongside plumbing professionals. The unit is installed into the plumbing structure between the trap below the kitchen sink and the sink drain. The disposal is plugged into an exit or hard-wired into the electrical system. The off/on switch is also connected. Finally, the drain pipe that connects the sewer and disposal system is plumbed. When a garbage disposal is installed properly, it will offer reliable service for decades and will assist in reducing the mess and smell of kitchen trash containers.

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