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Toilet Replacement

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A toilet is an excellent invention which set the foundation for modern sanitation practices and disease prevention measures. Due to this reason, it is an important part of every home. Unfortunately, everyone experiences some toilet problems once in a while.

Toilets are prone to a wide range of common problems that can render them inefficient or even useless. This is where D&B Plumbing Inc. comes in handy. We have experienced professionals who can handle any kind of toilet problem. When it comes to dealing with such problems, it is advisable to opt for toilet replacement instead of repair. Repair of damaged toilet parts will only last for a short time. Below you will find some common toilet issues that can be handled by replacement.

Common Toilet Problems

Trickling Toilet

One of the most common toilet problems is the constant sound of rushing or trickling water from the commode. Such sound is irritating and can significantly affect your water bill. This may be caused by various factors. The first is when the drain plug is incorrectly seated in the tank. This indicates that the rubber seal is worn out and should be replaced.

Another possible cause of a tricking toilet is a faulty flush valve, which is responsible for stopping water flow into the toilet after the tank is filled up. This should also be replaced.

Gurgling Sink and Tub

There are times when you flush, that you will hear a mysterious gurgling noise emanating from their bathroom tub and sink. The major cause of this problem is a clogged vent pipe, which tends to prevent the accumulation of sewer gases in your home. Almost anything may get stuck in this pipe, including leaves, dead birds, squirrels, bird nests and twigs.


Another common problem is a clogged toilet. Clogs can happen very easily and in many ways. Children are fond of flushing objects that can clog the toilet. Excessive bath tissue may also clog your toilet. It usually occurs in low quality toilets. Clogging can cause an overflow.

If you flush a clogged toilet, the water which is already in the toilet bowl will have nowhere to go. Consequently, the bowl will fill up and then spill over. This can potentially damage your bathroom floor. Simple clogs can be fixed using a toilet plunger but complex clog problems may sometimes require professional assistance.

Broken Flush Handle

The flush handle is used most of the time but since it’s made of plastic, they may break easily. Just like flapper valves, they are available in any local store and you will not spend more than $5.

However, it is important to consider the location of the flush handle on the toilet tank when buying a new one; front or side. Otherwise, your handle can have inappropriate bend in the arm, thereby rendering it useless.

Toilet Replacement

Do you think you may require toilet replacement? Please feel free to contact us at (813) 365-0340 for a FREE estimate! Whether you have a small toilet issue or a complex one, D&B Plumbing Inc. will offer you the right solution. We will send our experienced technicians to deal with the problem right away.

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